Sunday, 27 September 2015

Legal Awareness at Goa Velha

The Goa Velha Free Legal Aid Cell of V.M.Salgaocar College of Law organised a legal awareness program, in the Church hall of Goa Velha on 27th September 2015. Two topics were taken  up namely  Bhatkar & Mundkar rights and Anti-Corruption.

Adv. Somnath V. Patil and Mr.Rajan Nigaley were the resource persons. Father Emidio and Father Peter of Goa Velha Church attended the program. Advocate Patil explained about the Bhatkar and Mundkar rights in simple words and Mister Nigaley discussed the reasons,causes and also the procedure to approach the Anti Corruption Bureau.Many queries were raised at the interactive session and the resource persons effectively clarified the same.

The members of Goa Velha Legal Aid Cell are actively involved in activities like making senior citizens cards. The cards were distributed at the end of the session.

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Legal Literacy On Lok Adalat at Taleigao (Durgawadi) Free Legal Aid Cell

The Taleigai Free Legal Aid Cell of V.M.Salgaocar College of Law organised a Legal Literacy Program on 'Lok Adalat' on 26th September 2015 at Kshetrapal Damodar Temple Durgawadi, Taleigao. The Cell works under the effective guidance of Senior Prof. Dr. Shaber Ali.  

Taleigao (Durgawadi) Free Legal Aid Cell Members with Prof. Aamod Shirali, Ms. Florence Mendes, Adv.Albertina Almeida, Kiran Rai (Student in Charge)

Guest Speakers were Advocate Albertina Almeida, Member of Permanent Lok Adalat, North Goa and Ms. Florence Mendes, Social Activist and Counsellor. 

Prof. Aamod Shirali from the College attended the program.

Advocate Almeida spoke on what a Lok Adalat is and how it is different from the actual Courts. The advantages of Lok Adalat were pointed out and the need to solve petty issues outside court was emphasised.

Ms. Florence Mendes informed the audience that Lok Adalat is held on every the 2nd Saturday of every month and sometimes once in a month, depending on the number of cases. Instead of going to courts with trifle issues, people can approach the counsellors who could help them and get their disputes settled through Lok Adalats.

The students performed a skit depicting the way in which disputes get settled at Lok Adalats. There was an interactive session where many queries were raised and the resource persons answered and clarified the doubts. The program was compered by Mr.Mangurish Usgaocar, Member of the Legal Aid Cell.

Skit by students 

Interactive Session - many queries were raised

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Verem Free Legal Aid Cell - Legal Literacy Program on “Government Welfare Schemes, for Women and Child Development”.

Verem Free Legal Aid Cell, the first Legal Aid Cell to be established by V. M. Salgacocar College of Law conducted a much appreciated Legal Literacy program on 13th September 2015 at Verem Panchayat. Prof. Pearl Monteiro, the faculty in charge of the Cell guided the students in the successful execution of the Program.
Verem Free Legal Aid Cell Members with Prof. Pearl Monteiro, Mrs. Roopa Dalvi and Mr. Shailendra Nath

The resource persons were Mrs. Roopa Dalvi, Project officer, Department of Women and Child Development and Mr. Shailendra Nath, Field Assistant, Directorate of Social Welfare.  

Mrs, Dalvi spoke elaborately on the various welfare schemes of the Department of Women and Child Development. She also explained the schemes for School for Juveniles, Mamta and Anganwadi.

Important welfare schemes for women and children
      INDIRA GANDHI MATRA SAYOG YOGANA SCHEMES - Mother is provided with Rs. 4000 - 6000 during her pregnancy.

SUBLA SCHEME - Girls under the age of 18yrs are provided with food grains.   
       LADLI LAXMI - Girls who have completed 18yrs as on 1st April 2012 are provided Rs. 1lakh for marriage.

GRIHA ADHAAR- housewifes are provided Rs.1000 per month.

Mr. Shailendra Shet explained the important welfare schmes of the Directorate of Social Welfare. These include Senior Citizen Card for 60 + persons, Dayanand Social Security Scheme under which Rs. 2000 is allowed for eligible senior citizens, single woman, and widow; Financial Assistance for self-help groups, Assistance for purchase of Aids and appliances, Bachpan etc.

Ms. Valaincia Colaco, the Student in charge spoke about the Legal Aid Cells of the College and the services provided by Verem Free Legal Aid Cell. Mr. Rehan Abbasi proposed the vote of thanks. Ms. Dhanavanti M. Damankar compered the program.