Monday, 6 March 2017

Senior Citizens Rights - An Awarness Campaign of Calangute Free Legal Aid Cell

Calangute Free Legal Aid Cell organised a legal awareness program in collaboration with Lions Club of Calangute on "Maintenance and Protection of Senior Citizen and their Consumer Rights" on 5th of March 2017 at 11.00am at Senior Citizen Hall.

The chief guest and spokesperson for the program was Mr . Roland Martins an activist , an active member of the Goa State Consumer protection council and consumer conciliation committee. Others present were professor Nagesh kolvalkar and Mrs. Eudis another member of consumer forum and Mrs.Kanchan Nagvenkar(President of Lions club Of Calangute) .

The students also filled forms for making senior citizen cards.The program was attended by almost 80 people mostly compromising of women aged between 20 yrs to 70 yrs. All the cell members were present for the program. Ms.Rupa welcomed the gathering and introduced the legal aid cell. Ms.sonal introduced the guest. Professor Nagesh Kolvalkar spoke about the services that the legal aid cell provides.

Legal Literacy on Domestic Violence at Sancoale Free Legal Aid Cell

As the instances relating to domestic violence is rampant in the State of Goa, the Sancoale free legal aid cell marched to organise a legal literacy programme on the topic tiled ‘Domestic Violence and Protection’ on 5th of March 2017 at MES College, Vasco .

Adv. Rajiv Dhavalikar, a well-known Advocate practicing in South Goa District Court was the key note speaker. Prof. Ashwini Naik the faculty head of the legal aid cell attended the program. After according a formal welcome to the gathering, the cell student member Mr. Amrit stated about the functioning of the Legal Aid Cell. The importance behind providing free legal aid was highlighted by Prof. Ashwini.

Adv. Rajiv began the talk by posing question to the audience as to ‘what according to them is Domestic Violence’? Explained the meaning of Domestic Violence, he said that it’s a type of abuse which involves injuring someone especially a spouse or partner but it can also be a child or any other family member.

He then discussed about the pattern of violence and its serious effect which could be physical, emotional, sexual and even economic. He later explained physical abuse as the one that involves hitting, punching, choking, pushing and other type of contact which results in physical injury. Speaking about emotional abuse he said that it is something which includes threatening the victim, humiliating the victim in public, constant criticism and making statements that defames her and damages her self-esteem. He explained sexual abuse as any situation where any force is used to obtain participation in any sexual activity and lastly with regard to economic abuse he said that the abuser has control over victim’s money and other economic resources.

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Awareness Program on Cyber Crimes @ Mapusa Free Legal Aid Cell

Cyber Crimes and Safe Use of Internet is one topic on which students are to be made aware of, right from their high school days. Keeping in mind the importance of the topic, the Mapusa Free Legal Aid Cell in association with the Caculo College Legal Aid Cell, organized a legal literacy program on 27 February 2017, at the Sridora Caculo College of Commerce and Management Studies, Khorlim, Mapusa Goa.

Mapusa Free Legal Aid Cell members with Adv. Eshan  Usapkar and Dr. Mrunmayi Vaidya

Ms. Vaibhavi Amonker, the student deputy in-charge, introduced and welcomed the guest speaker Advocate Eeshan Usapkar as well as the Faculty in-charge of the cell, Dr.Mrunmayi Vaidya.

Adv.Eeshan Usapkar made the session a highly interactive one, and received overwhelming response from the audience. He spoke in detail about the various types of cybercrimes, with ample illustrations and case studies. 

The talk focused on measures to safeguard oneself from such crimes, both as victims and as offenders. 

He gave examples wherein a lot of children were actually victims of Cyber Crimes and enumerated the various kinds of offences that the children regularly commit while handling Social Networking Sites. He also gave some demonstrations as to the practical hacking of Mobile phones. Information on the Cyber Cell of the Police Department was also conveyed.

The students of Saraswat Vidyalaya High School, Dnyanprasarak Vidyalaya High School, Purushottom Walawalkar Higher Secondary School, and Sridora Caculo College of Commerce and Management Studies  attended the program.

The Program concluded with the vote of thanks by Student in-charge Mr. Balkrishna Thali. Miss. Ruta Prabhudessai compered the Program.

Friday, 24 February 2017

Soccoro Awareness Drive on Consumer Rights

Socorro Free Legal Aid Cell of V.M.Salgaocar College of Law organized a talk on Consumer Rights Awareness as a part of their legal literacy programme on 23rd February 2017 at 5:00pm at the 20 point colony garden. 

The resource person was Mr. Roland Martins, GOACAN Convenor. Ms. Lona and our faculty in-charge Prof. Dr. Shabir Ali were also present. The gathering was addressed by Cell Member Mr. Nigel Lourenceo welcomed the audience and introduced the guests. Nigel also spoke about the objectives and functions of the legal aid cell.

The students members had conducted an extensive campaigning on the previous days, on 21st Feb and 22nd February and they had informed the residents to carry their domestic gas cards as requested by Mr. Roland Martins. 

Mr.Roland Martins started the session by explaining the rights of the consumers under the Consumer Protection Act as well as the reliefs available to every consumer. He also explained to the residents where to file a complaint when necessary. 

Proceeding with the talk Mr. Roland Martins demonstrated how to disconnect a cylinder as well as the procedure of connecting the cylinder in the correct manner. He also explained and showed how to light the burner with proper safety. Similarly he gave many safety tips. 

Thereafter Mr.Martins focused on the fuel conservation tips on transport and domestic sectors also in which he included small tips for LPG consumers like switching off the engines at red lights to reduce fuel bills, driving car at 45-55 KMPH which can save petrol up to 20%, use of pressure cooker to cook faster and to save fuel, having meal together with family as it can save LPG on reheating food and many more such tips. He requested all the participants to buy products having ISI marks. Leaflets on which 24 hours helpline numbers are mentioned as well as numbers to call during office hours for any complaints were distributed. 

The program ended with the vote of thanks proposed by the cell member. About 147 residents of 20 point Colony and Soccorro village Panchayat area attended the program.

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Child Rights Talk at Porvorim VPP

As a part of the free legal aid services of V.M. Salgaocar College of Law, the Porvorim Free Legal Aid Cell members organised a talk on ‘Child Rights’ at Vidya Prabodhini High School on 11th February 2017 at 4.00 pm. The topics covered were Child Abuse and Role of Parents and Children; secondly Child Rights and the Child Helpline Number.

The programme was attended by porvorim locals which included school students. Prof. Sonal Sardessai, the faculty in – charge of the cell witnessed the programme.

The dignitaries Ms. Jessica Pereira and Ms. Soraya Borgeous were extended a floral welcome. Ms. Jessica Pereira explained what kinds of child abuse exist. She stated that child abuse need not be physical only but emotional too when someone makes racist comments against a child such as “your are ugly” or “fat” or “dark skinned”.  Ms. Jessica also brought to our wake by sighting real instances of child abuse in Goan schools where boys are also victims. As per statistics the abuse to boys is much more than girls and this is because boys are afraid to speak up.

Ms. Pereira explained what role a parent should play when their child is subjected to any abuse. Parents need to be more involved to know what happens to their child whenever he goes to school or travels alone. She also urged parents to be a moral support when their child is a victim to abuse and not to blame the child rather assure him/ her of their security.  She categorically stated that, if anyone knows of such abuse cases can report the same by calling onto 1098 and the confidentiality of the caller will also be protected.

Ms. Pereira spoke to the children as to what should be their role when they are subjected to any kind of abuse. She urged the children to speak up to their parents or who they trust most and not to hide anything.

Mr. Soraya Borgeous had an interactive session with the children and asked them to list out their rights. The children readily replied that they had a right to education, food, shelter, clothing etc. Ms. Borgeous then explained to them that there are four categories of rights which cover civil, political, social, economic and cultural rights of every child they are: Right to Survival; Right to Protection; Right to Participation and the Right to development. Universally Child Rights are defined by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Child (UNCRC) she added.

Ms. Borgeous also explained the various forums that deal with matters of children such as the Child Welfare Committee, the Juvenile Justice Board and Children’s Court. Ms. Borgeous cited a few successes stories of rescued children leading a better life due to their efforts.

A small animated film in Konkani was then shown to the crowd. The film explained how a sweet friend or relative can turn out to be you worst enemy. It highlighted what as ‘Bad touch’ was. 

At the close of the session Prof. Sonal Sardessai explained to the people what free legal aid is and how the society could benefit from it instead of spending money for the same elsewhere.

Ms. Yuga gave in the closing note and thanked each and everyone who was a part of the programme. 

Awareness on Child Rights @ Anjuna Free Legal Aid Cell

The members of Anjuna Free Legal Aid Cell of V.M Salgaocar College Of Law in collaboration with the Childline Goa, organized a legal literacy programme on "Childline Awareness", on 11th  Feb 2017 in the Sacred Heart Of Jesus High School,Anjuna.     

Miss.Pranita Calangutkar, the councilor of the NGO and her two teammates,  Harshal Mandrekar and Vineeta Gadekar, were the guest speakers and Professor Andruysha D'costa E Pinho, the Faculty in-charge of cell attended the program.   

Ms. Vineeta Gadekar began the session with a brief introduction of the Childline and a talk was delivered by Ms.Pranita Calangutkar explained all four rights of the children beautifully with the help of power point presentation. The session comprised of illustrative cases, educational movie and interaction with the audience. The session went on for about 1 hour and was attended by more than 40 villagers. 

The session ended with a demo and trial of calling 1098, the childline number to understand its working and to understand how it is to be approached. The programme was organised under the guidance of faculty in-charge professor Andruysha D'costa E Pinho. Mr. John Fernandes, Cell member delivered the vote of thanks.

The talk was very informative and the people were very interactive .After the session three of the families immediately approached childline for help which showed that efficacy of the program. 

Legal Literacy Program @ Marcela Free Legal Aid Cell

Marcela Free Legal Aid Cell organised an awareness program on Prevention of Child Abuse on 12th February 2017 at Panchayat Hall Amona, Amona Goa. The program was held in association with Childline, an NGO working on Child Rights in Goa.

Ms Pranita Calangutkar, MA in psychology, working at Childline as counselor, was the resource person. She was accompanied by Childline volunteer Mr. Pawan Kumar. Amona Panchayat Panch Mrs.Ujwala Sawant also attended the program.
Ms. Pranita spoke on the various rights of the child including, right to survival, rights to development and right to protection. The various abuses on children were discussed and an educational video was shown.

Mr. Tanmai Gawas, Cell Member compered the program and Ms Vignesha Shet, the student in-charge proposed the vote of thanks. Almost 70 people attended the program