Sunday, 18 December 2016

Legal Literacy Program at Mala Free Legal Aid Cell

On 18th December 2016 Mala free legal aid cell conducted a Legal Literacy programme on the topic titled ‘Child Rights’ at Hedgewar Higher Secondary School, Mala.

The programme commenced with the welcome address delivered by the faculty incharge of the cell Prof. Bhakti Naik. The key speakers from child line were Ms. Pranita Kalangutkar and Ms. Jessica Pereira. Jessica Pereira spoke about the objective and functioning of the child line which functions under the Ministry of Women and Child Development. Ms. Parnita Kalangutkar spoke about the works under taken by their organisation which included working for betterment of street children; helping children in distress, orphans; efforts undertaken to prevent child abuse etc. She educated the audience on three abuses against the child i.e. Physical, emotional and sexual and further explained on good and bad touch and the way parents / guardians must handle such cases.  She also enlightened on the rights of the child which included ‘right to survival’, ‘right to education’ etc. A couple of live cases handled by the organisation were also stated at the programme.

An animated video clip which was based on the real case of child abuse was screened. She appealed to the audience categorically stating that child abuse is a grave offence and the distressed or the complainant must immediately contact the helpline no 1098 in any such instances.

The session was informative and interactive. The entire programme was compared by Siddharth Sardesai and it ended with verse of gratitude delivered by Jay Sawaikar.

Dona Paula Free Legal Aid Cell hosts Awareness Session on Child Rights

Dona Paula Free Legal Aid Cell of V.M.Salgaocar College of Law in association with Childline 1098 organized a legal awareness program on Child Rights and Child Abuse on 17th Dec 2016 under the guidance of Prof. Aamod Shirali, Faculty in-charge of the cell. The members conducted intensive campaigning in the neighbourhood weeks before the program. The program was held in Shri Satteri Devasthan Mandir in Aivao village in Dona Paula.

Mr. Bhalchandra Bandodker, Student in-charge welcomed the guests and audience. Ms Rashmi, resource person from Childline gave a brief introduction about Childline, followed by the interactive session by Ms Pranita, a counsellor from Childline. The various rights of the children were discussed including the  right to play, right to go to school, right to development, and right to survival.

A short film “Komal” was shown to the audience.  This film had won a National award. The film depicted the story about an eight year old girl Komal who was sexually abused by her father’s friend. The protagonist “Komal” instead of keeping quiet, shares this incident with her parents and her parents approached Childline 1098 for assistance and help. This was followed by a brief discussion on the film and question and answer session.

Ms. Kavita Naik, Cell Member proposed the vote of thanks. The program was attended by about 60 people and was well received by the audience.

Saturday, 17 December 2016

Bicholim Legal Aid Cell – Legal Literacy Programme

Bicholim Legal Aid cell of V.M.Salgaocar College of Law in association with Childline conducted Legal Literacy Programme on ‘Child Rights’. The programme was scheduled on December 17th at Bicholim Municipal Hall. The resource persons were Ms. Suzana De Souza, Ms. Vinita Gadekar and Mr. Harshal Mandrekar, all from Childline. A representative faculty from the College, Ms. Shruti Mahambrey was also present. 

The programme was hosted by the student member of the Bicholim Legal Aid Cell Mr. Hrishikesh Vaze.  The programme started by lighting up of the traditional lamp. Hrishikesh Vaze gave a brief introduction about the Legal Aid Society and the services provided by the Bicholim Legal Aid Cell as well as a report of the tasks completed and pending. 

Later, member of Childline, Suzana de Souza, proceeded with the talk by introducing childline & the services provided by them. She stressed on child helpline no. 1098 which can be dialled by the complainant interested to register a complaint against the accused committing an offence against the child or the child can proceed to complaint too. The session incorporated a healthy discussion with the audience on the issues with regard to child assault. 

The speaker also gave instances where a child may have to go through the phase of depression which is indeed painful not only for the child but also the guardian. However the establishment of counselling facilities in schools has provided a platform for such children to put forth their grievances and to resolve their issues. She also generally discussed about the definition of child, their rights in connection with the latest implementation of ‘The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act 2009’. 

The session was followed by an on-screen presentation which projected photographs and conveyed an important message as to ‘realizing child rights’. It was categorically stated that, The ‘Right to Education’ occupies prominence as educating a child can pave a safe journey for life of any child. Parents were conveyed to encourage their children to participate and even to teach how to take decision. A movie KOMAL based on the theme of Child Sexual Abuse was also screened. Finally, Bicholim Legal Aid Cell, Student in-charge, Ms.Tanvi Narvekar proposed the vote of thanks. 

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Verem Free Legal Aid Cell conducts Awareness Program on Child Rights

A legal literacy programme on topic titled ‘Child Rights, Responsibilities and Protection’ was conducted by the Verem Legal Aid Cell in collaboration with child line at Verem Government Primary School on 10th December 2016 at 4.00 pm. The team members of child line present for the programme were Ms. Jessica Pereira, Ms. Soraya Borges and Ms. Pranita Kalangutkar. Prof. Andryusha Pinho faculty in - charge of Verem Free Legal aid Cell was also present.

The programme began with a floral welcome to all the team members of Child Line. Ms. Sorya Borges introduced the organization; the major achievement of the said organization was launching of the Country’s first Toll- Free Tele- helpline for street children in distress. The main issues that they deal with are Missing Children; Abused Children; Runaway Children and Needy Children.

Later all the children present were requested to Dial 1098 from their mobile phones as a demo to affirm the functioning of the help line. She highlighted to the people that 1098 is a 24 hours National Toll free Helpline number which provides free services to children in need of care and protection. The team member informed the children that the organization is spread throughout the country and that every State has a child line Centre. They also shared the address of their office situated in Goa i.e Panaji in Caritas Home near SBI.

Ms. Pranita Kalangutkar explained to the children what child rights are and the basic rights of survival and development, participation and protection were explained in detail. They also highlighted the need that every child has to be educated and stressed on the fact that children below the age of 14 years cannot be engaged in any sort of monetary work. They also shared various cases that they handled on such issues and the aid provided to the needy by the organisation. The various kinds of abuse were also explained to the children and stress was laid on sexual abuse as it is on increase and how one needs to be aware and protect them from being abused.

For a more clear understanding on the topic of sexual abuse a short animated film was shown to the children. The Film educated the children to identify what is bad and good touch and also informed that they should always confide in their parents or any person whom they trust in case of any incident of abuse. The important point it highlighted was that being sexually abused by an adult is no fault on their side and therefore it has to be reported so that the culprit can be punished.

The programme was very informative to the children. The programme was compered by Ninoshka Dias whereas the vote of thanks was proposed by Dhanvanti Dhamankar.

Pernem Legal Aid Cell takes up Legal Literacy on Child Rights

In order to make Pernem locals vigilant about Child help line, a legal literacy programme on topic titled ‘Child line 1098’ was conducted by Pernem free legal aid cell in association with Child line on 10th December, 2016. Child line members Mr. Hatshal Mandrekar, Ms. Vinita Gadekar along with Ms. Suzana Desouza were present. Other dignitary included Ms. Taramati Rao, Panch - Virnoda Panchyat. Prof. Suchita Timble, the faculty in – charge of the legal aid cell witnessed the programme.

The Program commenced around 3:30 pm with the welcome note by the student cell member Mr. Sahil Deshprabhu, followed by the lighting of the lamp. The cell in - charge Ms. Kirti Gawde briefed on the constitution and the pupose behind setting up of the Pernem Legal aid cell. Ms. Vinita Gadekar in her short introductory speech discussed the issues faced by children in Goa and the functioning of child line. Ms. Suzana Desouza enlightened everyone about the problems faced by children and the ways in which the parents / guardians should tackle them. She stressed on the aspect of parent-child bonding which is a fiduciary relationship and being sensitive must be carefully handled and also informed the locals as to when child line services can be availed of. As a demonstration, Mr. Hatshal screened the famous ‘Komal’ movie, where a minor girl of 9 years was exploited by her neighbour and protected by child line.

Concluding address was delivered Prof. Suchita Timble and finally, Deputy cell in charge Mr. Ugam Deulkar proposed the vote of thanks. 

Legal Literacy program @ Mandrem Free Legal Aid Cell

With an objective to educate the Mandrem residents about rights of children, the Mandrem free legal aid cell associated themselves with child line to hold a session on the said topic on 11th December 2016 . 

The faculty head of the cell Prof. Suchita Timble showed her presence for the programme. The formal programme commenced by according a welcome to the public and introducing the members of child line (Ms. Suzanna Dsouza and Ms. Pranita Kalangutkar) and the Panch members who showed their presence on the occasion.  This was followed by lighting of the auspicious lamp. Ms. Janhavi, the student in - charge of the Mandrem legal aid cell mentioned in brief about the role and functioning of their cell.

Introducing child line to the audience Ms. Pranita Kalangutkar expressed her grievance and concern for the children exploited in today’s era and urged the parents / guardians to maintain friendly relation with their wards. She stressed on the aspect that their children are more open to the ones who understand them well, hence parents / guardian have to carefully preserve the bond of love and trust with their children. Thus timely action can be taken against the culprit when their child is in turmoil.

Ms. Tara Hadfadkar, panch member also spoke on the importance of the topic. Few of the spectators present in the audience shared their personal experiences. The programme was compared by cell member Ms. Leesha kharbe and Ms. Maria proposed the vote of thanks. The programme ended by serving refreshments.  

Sodiem (Siolim Village Panchayat) Free Legal Aid Cell - Legal Literacy Program on Prevention of Domestic Violence Against Women

The Sodiem - Siolim Free Legal Aid Cell organised a legal awareness program on Prevention of Domestic Violence Against Women on 11th of December 2016 at Camurlim Panchayat Hall. The program was attended by almost 80 people mostly compromising of women aged between 17 yrs to 65 yrs and some men.

The chief guest and spokesperson for the program was Adv. Kirti Pokre. She is a practising advocate at Ponda and an alumnus of V. M. Salgaocar college of Law. Others present were Dr. K.S.Rao (Faculty in-charge of Siolim LAC) and Mrs. Kalpana Dalvi (Sarpanch, Camurlim Panchayat). All the cell members were present for the program. Ms. Neha welcomed the gathering and introduced the legal aid cell. Mr. Neehal Vernekar introduced the guest. 

Adv. Kirti Pokre spoke on the prevailing social environment in Goan society and the role of women in it. She also talked about what exactly constitutes an act of domestic violence. She explained the rights of women and the remedial measures available to them under the various legislations and authorities. There was a huge response for the program and all the queries of the crowd present were answered. 

Dr. K S Rao spoke about the services that the legal aid cell provides with and the various initiatives of our college such as the Consumer Clinic. 

The members of the cell also addressed the audience and informed them about the issues that have been brought to their notice by the public, and the measures they have taken towards finding a solution to them. The members called upon the public to approach them in case they have any legal queries. Student in-charge Ms. Anishka Volvoikar delivered the vote of thanks.